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Will You Ever Be Good Enough?

"You’re only as good as I say you are, and you’ll be loved only if you’re fully compliant with my wishes"
Once upon a time, like how every story begins, there was a hunter who was known for his beauty. One day as he was walking along the woods, a maiden saw him only to fall deeply in love with his beauty and started following him. As this strikingly beautiful hunter senses that he is being followed he calls out “Who’s there?”. The maiden reveals herself and attempts to embrace him. The hunter, too proud of his beauty steps away. The Goddess of Revenge learned this story and decided to punish the hunter (Oh come on, we need a Villian to every story right?). She lures him to a pool where he sees his own reflection. Not realizing it was his own image, he fell immensely in love with it. Eventually, he realized that his love could not be reciprocated, he melted away from the fire of passion burning inside him eventually turning into a gold and white flower. And from then on, anyon…


Depression, a real life experience...
I was awake. I wasn’t exactly thinking about anything. I was staring at the roof. Somehow the darkness was comforting although I have always been afraid of the dark. And before I could realize, it was 4 a.m. I forced myself to fall asleep in order to function well for the rest of the day. And guess what? I couldn’t sleep. I did my regular chores and got ready for another big day. I look at my contact lens case, I’ve got to open them, but why bother? I didn’t find a reason to smile, and hence I didn’t. On the way to work, I dropped my keys and started weeping. I wasn’t aware that people were noticing my tears. As I somehow reach my place of work, I had a pile of assignments to complete. I knew they were important and that it had a stringent deadline but I couldn’t concentrate. I meagerly completed a few of the priority tasks and slouched back home. I hadn’t eaten anything at work as I wanted to complete the assignments, which again I hadn’t. I bla…

The Science of Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

Remember the “Monkey and the Cap seller" story? Ever observed this phenomena why you feel the need to drink water when you saw someone quench their thirst? Ever felt pain when you saw someone fall down or suffering in pain? Remember picking up mannerisms from your friend - like frequently used words, non-verbal cues etc.? I have a friend who picks up laughs from others and honestly she doesn't recognize or identify who she picked it up from. All we know is that her laugh has changed. And, I hope all of us would have at least once started yawning when our friend yawned.

Wondering why? Studies suggest that genetically we are wired with a specific type of neuron, called the MIRROR NEURON that fires both when the animal acts and when the animal observes the same action. The functions of mirror neurons have then been actively attributed to understanding intentions, understanding empathy, speech, actions and minds. The groundbreaking Bandura’s Social Learning theory which states that…

Talented yet troublesome child. What it could mean?

Dev, is a 14 year old boy, studying in VIII standard in a well reputed school in the city. He is the second child of the family and ever since he was born, his parents encouraged him to have a culturally rich background. With that in mind, he was enrolled into classes like shloka reciting, learning musical instruments and in martial arts.
“Dev is a winner” his mother says. He never gives up on anything if it comes to a competition. However, it also depends on his motivation. If he finds the victory motivating enough, he would struggle hard to win it. From his early childhood, he has been naughty and mischievous. In school, he has been troublesome and brings up fights home! However, since he was an average student in academics and engages in extracurricular activities, teachers never made it an issue assuming he will become alright someday.
As days passed by, the complaints from teachers started increasing although he was still scoring 60% – 70% in his examinations. “With his mischievou…